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Rob LaBrecque – Vernon

My name is Rob LaBrecque and I recently just bought a home in Vernon. Like all new home owners I was very anxious to improve upon my new purchase, so I started in my living room. Basic stuff first like paint and changing some plates, and eventually I started tackling more complex projects like changing my attic stairs, not to tough. Taking down the old, and installing the new. Everything seemed to work out well until I actually tried to climb them. I quickly learned that I was in over my head after crashing down onto my hallway, properly damaging the interior walls, floor and my pride! After sharing my embarrassing story with a friend at work he recommended Chris. From the minute Chris walked into my home his degree of professionalism was apparent. He quickly came up with a solution to my problem, and had a quote drawn up by the next day. I was surprised at how affordable it was and thought to myself how good a job is he really going to do? But I was quickly reminded of my handy work after scratching my head and feeling the egg still there, so I decided to give him a try. I am so glad I did! He did a great job, kept very clean, he was flexible with time and most importantly he didn’t sacrifice quality at all. I was so impressed I have since called him back on several occasions to do other things. He built custom columns in my living room, installed crown molding, chair rail, shadow boxes, a custom mantle and my latest project a new front porch with a roof. I can honestly say he has my business for life. It’s comforting knowing that there are still some people out there that take pride in what they do and won’t cut corners to give the customer what they want. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants affordable, quality work, which is nothing shy of perfection.