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Cabinet Refacing Thompson CT

Are you considering cabinet refacing in Thompson, CT? Look no further than DC Cabinet to get the job done right! At DC Cabinet, we have been providing reasonably priced cabinet refacing to our customers in Thompson and surrounding towns for years. Refacing your cabinets not only gives your kitchen a totally new look, but it is cost-effective and a much quicker process than having new cabinets made and installed. Read on as we discuss some of the top benefits of choosing cabinet refacing! 


You’ll have less inconvenience during the project

First and foremost, a kitchen is the heart of the home. Any substantial disruption in it can have a massive effect on you and your family. Furthermore, if you choose to have your cabinets taken out and replaced, you’re opening yourself up to a messy inconvenience. Your kitchen will be basically unusable, which is majorly unfavorable since most families use their kitchens several times a day. However, choosing to have your cabinets refaced means your kitchen will stay in good working order throughout the process. The framework remains intact while the doors are removed and replaced. This means less mess for your kitchen and more usability of your space.


You’ll save a substantial amount of money

Did you know that new cabinets usually make up one-third to one-half of an average kitchen remodeling budget? That is a massive chunk of change, especially if you don’t need to replace your cabinets! If your existing cabinets are structurally sound, choosing to have them refaced can save you from the higher expense of replacing them. The money you save by refacing your cabinets instead could be used for other upgrades such as crown molding, new appliances, or decor.


You’ll increase your home’s value and are more likely to recoup your costs

Most importantly, an updated kitchen will increase your home’s value. Refacing can be a cost-effective way to make your home aesthetically pleasing to you and any potential buyers. Your home may not be on the market anytime soon, but it is important to consider that you may want to sell your home one day. Refacing will help make your kitchen appealing to buyers if and when you do want to sell. 

Thank you for checking out our latest blog on cabinet refacing in Thompson, CT! For more information on our services, call us at 866-507-8852. Our team of professionals is on hand to assist you!

Cabinet Refacing Thompson CT

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